Game-Worn Flu Game Jordans Sell For $104,765

Thu, 2013-12-12 11:15

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On a laundry list of accomplishments and iconic moments, Michael Jordan's "Flu Game" is up there with the best. With that, the "Flu Game" Air Jordan 12 sneakers are a staple in most Jordan collections, but the actual game worn pair is enough to make a Jordan collectors head spin. 

Preston Truman, a Utah Jazz ball boy during game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals, hooked MJ up with graham crackers and apple sauce before the game. Yes, one of MJ's superstitions was eating graham crackers and apple sauce before the game. And because Truman hooked MJ up with his pre-game fuel, MJ returned the favor by leaving the ball boy with some of the most exclusive basketball shoes in the history of the game. 

Those shoes went up for auction, with a starting bid of 5 grand. The closing winning bid was a staggering $104,765, a record number for any game worn shoe. 

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