Jerry Seinfeld Credits Joe Namath And Bill Cosby For His Sneaker Game

Tue, 2014-01-07 16:51

Jerry Seinfeld probably doesn't come to mind when you think of celebrity sneakerheads, and rightfully so. However, the stand up guru happens to know a thing or two about kicks. Looking back on some classic episodes of "Seinfeld," you'll see he showed off a fair share of Nike & Jordan heat throughout the years.

During a Reddit AMA, Seinfeld discussed his sneaker stylings, crediting Joe Namath and Bill Cosby; 

“It started with wanting to be Joe Namath of the 1969 New York Jets, who at that time was one of the only football players to wear white shoes. And I wanted to be like him, so I always wore white sneakers. Also, Bill Cosby on I SPY always wore white sneakers. And they were my fashion icons.”

That's a disturbing combo to model your style after, but when you're a comedian you can get away with that kind of answer.

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