Teen Shot While Buying Yeezy Foamposites

Mon, 2014-04-21 16:28

A 14-year old suspect has been taken into custody by the NYPD for shooting another teen in the foot while the two waited in line for the "Yeezy" foamposites. According to reports, the shooting happened around 6 am Saturday morning in front of a Foot Locker near Knickerbocker Ave and Stanhope St. 

What sparked the gunshots? Cutting. A group of about 10 dudes attempted to cut the line, which was reason enough for the 14 year old suspect to pull out his silver handgun and shoot into the crowd. A 15-year old boy was capped in the foot and was taken to the hospital though his injuries were non life-threatening. 

Cutting the line for a highly sought after foamposite release is borderline suicide. That's not to say the dude deserved to be shot, but it is what it is. Cut the line for some sneakers that have the word "YEEZY" attached to it, and don't be surprised when a bullet rips through your Nikes and gets lodged in your hoof.



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