TRENDING "What's the Deal with Jogger Pants?"

Sun, 2013-08-04 11:55

rick ross wearing red leather jogger pants
rick ross wearing red leather jogger pants
rick ross wearing red leather jogger pants
rick ross wearing red leather jogger pantsasap rocky wearing leather joggersrick ross wearing leather jogger pantspsy wearing leather jogger pants black

Whether we all want to admit to it or not, the street wear culture didn't "invent" jogger pants, they merely modified it and embraced it to transform it into the hottest upcoming trend this year. You may have seen Rick Ross, ASAP Rocky, Kanye West, even Korean pop star PSY rocking the jogger styled pant.

Street wear has taken the concept of an old jogger pant and completely flipped it into a fashionable piece of clothing that everyone wants. Jogger pants, for some who may not know, are a very relaxed pair of light pants that cuff at the bottom like a cinch.

Now the hunch as to why people like them so much is not only because they are extremely comfortable, but because we no longer have to cuff our pants and try to play with the cuffs of them to make our pants look nice with our kicks. With jogger pants, the cinch makes your kicks pop and really makes an outfit complete.

But where can I get myself a pair of these jogger pants? Not many brands have kick started the jogger pants movement but there are some out there that took the chance and it paid off. These brands are of the likes as ZAK, ZANEROBE, Publish, Criminal Damage and some others. You can also visit popular street wear holders Karmaloop and PLNDR, who is host to some of these brands as well as jogger pants. Get yours before they're gone and turn some heads like never before.

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