Trinidad James Rocks Some Serious Heat

Wed, 2013-08-07 11:52

After the announcement of Trinidad James' upcoming project, 10 Piece Mild, during an interview with MissInfo from Hot97 we at SneakerMob decided it was a fitting time to take a look back at what one of the rap game's biggest sneakerheads has been rocking since blowing up. 

Trinidad James certainly has a very unique persona that some may find a little over the top but there are a lot of sneaker collectors who would love to get their hands on some of his kicks.  He has been spotted with past heat such as the DB 6s, to current fire with the MVP Lebron 10s, to future releases like the Green Glow 4s.  James also isn't new to being a fan of sneakers as he has been sporting classics on his feet way before he blew up into the public eye.  

Take a look at the gallery of photos from his personal Instagram and let us know what your favorite pair is.

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